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From the Students

From the Professionals

John T.
Private Home


"I live in a remote county in far northern California (Humboldt County). I’ve been searching for an OG tutor for my 7-year-old son for some time now. We don’t have any in our area. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing these resources. I'm nearly in tears--you are giving me the confidence to teach my child phonics in a geographic area that doesn't have OG trained tutors. So, I’m embarking on getting OG training for myself and your organization is incredible in what it provides. I just wanted to heap more praise upon your team--thank you so much for developing and freely providing your new daily lesson SLIDES! OMG they are such a time saver for me. This morning, we had another excellent lesson using your slides. I am going to share this with my sister, who does the K-6 Language Arts curriculum for a large school district here in CA. Bravo on all of your work! It is such a blessing for the dyslexic community to have the M.A. Rooney Foundation. Thank you again for providing such comprehensive, thoughtful, and accessible resources!!!!!!!!!"


Kelly B.
Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation

Reading Specialist

“These slide shows and fluency files are making our lives so much better as both teachers and students. It is so powerful. I am very grateful for all of the hard work that went into these! I appreciate the intentionality very much. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”


Lisa Jones
North Harrison Community Schools

Curriculum Coordinator

"One of our teachers is using OG as an intervention with her students who are not reading at grade level. The last time I spoke to her, she was tickled with the progress her students were making! She and her colleagues can now "speak the same language" with their students to reinforce their learning during classroom time. We appreciate you so much! I do not remember a training that has impacted our students as significantly in all of my 34 years!"




“As a parent of a first and sixth grader, I definitely notice a difference between their phonetic skills. As bright as my sixth grader is, there are words she often mispronounces. I have had both of them read the same passage, that contain a mixture of low & high vocabulary words, and my first grader always shines. She also loves ‘OG’ time at school! So for what it’s worth, I’m glad, yet not surprised, that our district is ahead of the reading requirement curve.”


Sidney Baker
Caston Elementary School

Special Education Teacher (K-5)

"As a Special Education Teacher, I see that my students will frequently know a concept one day and forget it the next. After introducing OG in our school, I am seeing that my students who cannot maintain a concept consistently are able to remember the letter names, sounds, and signs that go with them as well as consistently repeat them on a daily basis. It has done wonders for increasing their letter and sound awareness. Thank you for all your help! "


Shanna Hinman
Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation

Special Education Teacher

“As a special educator, I have been using The Orton Gillingham program for years to help students improve their reading skills and meet academic goals. This program is a fun and interactive way to work with students in a small group setting. This program is an extremely impactful way to facilitate reading skills such as decoding, blending, and writing unknown words. The sound cards help ‘train’ students’ eyes to look for hunks and chunks within words. This program uses a multi-sensory approach utilizing hand and body gestures to help students learn different rules and syllable types. I have found the Orton Gillingham reading program to be an invaluable tool to help students improve their reading skills and foster a sense of success. I give the Orton Gillingham program my highest recommendation.”


Heather Pence
Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation

2nd Grade Teacher

“My Orton Gillingham Phonics training was a game changer for me. It has structured my phonics instruction for student engagement and gives me flexibility to adjust to student needs. When I hear my students read with confidence and apply skills when decoding an unknown word, I attribute it to the components of my O.G. program!”


Will Klein

First Grade Teacher

“Thank you, M. A. Rooney Foundation and all the Orton Gillingham coaches and Therese, Ann P-H and all the wonderful people at the Foundation. I have been an ESL teacher for 4 years and now a 1st grade teacher and I can truly say the most enjoyable part of my day is teaching the Orton Gillingham lesson. The lesson is very structured and well thought out. The best part of working with them is their tireless pursuit for helping students improve their reading ability. They provide each individual student data to see where student is to increase their reading ability and to take to them to the next level. I don’t know where we would be without them. Thank you.”


Debbie Garcia


“I would like to thank Therese, Ann P-H, and the entire staff at the M. A. Rooney Foundation. They have provided training, coaching and data support. This has given our team an opportunity to close the gap in our students reading skills. Their commitment to help students achieve is inspiring. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with them.”


Emily Diemer

Special Education Teacher

“I have worked closely with the M. A. Rooney Foundation as the Orton Gillingham coach at SUPER School. The M.A. Rooney Foundation has been incredibly helpful assisting in revamping our OG Program. They have provided resources and additional support in our building. They coach, collect data and progress monitor our students. They observe teachers and teach lessons. We have seen tremendous growth in our students. They have made a huge difference in lives of our students at SUPER School. The M. A. Rooney Foundation is a wonderful group of people who care deeply about children.”


Kelly Key
Fairview Elementary School

1st Grade Teacher

“OG is a wonderful approach for teaching phonics to students. There are many wonderful things about OG. First, it is incredible to use with ALL students-no matter what level of phonics students come in with knowing and having. Next, the strategies taught in OG are easily seen being transferred into students’ writing, problem solving in reading, and spelling each and every day. Kids say, “Use your b checker” when spelling and writing. They identify “h brothers” in spelling or when reading. The students learn to apply the rules in all areas, not just use them during “OG time”. Third, it is great for educators as well. It helps us “freshen up” on the phonics rules that we were taught or may not have been taught throughout our own education. Lastly, OG is an approach that encompasses strategies to help reach auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, and visual learners. I say these statements having been an educator for 27 years-as a classroom teacher and as a Title I teacher. I’ve seen things come and go, but OG offers so much to so many.”


Theresa Simpson
Edgewood Primary School

1st Grade Teacher

“OG is a wonderful program which is providing my students with a clear understanding of reading fundamentals. What I absolutely love is that it is beneficial for ALL students. I enjoy watching and listening to my students apply and recite the rules. The growth my students experience in reading (and spelling) is due primarily to the understanding of the rules. I LOVE OG!!!”


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