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Second Grade


  • All documents are laid out to support front and back printing.

Scope & Sequence

  • In Excel file with two tabs.

  • Tab "2nd" On-level scope and sequence

  • Tab "Pre 2nd" Review of short vowels, blends, SVP

  • Then dovetails into 2nd Grade standard plans at 2.007

  • Lesson number, new content, fluency (refers to level and page in SPIRE), Memory Word.

Weekly Overview

  • none

Pre-2nd Grade Lesson Plans

  • Consolidated file includes all pre-2nd Grade plans.

  • Scope and Sequence in Word format.

  • Memory words for assessment.

  • Daily lesson plans, one lesson per file.

  • Covers short vowels, blends, and SVP

Daily Lesson Plans

  • Daily lesson plans.

  • One daily lesson per file.

  • No Checkpoint assessments

Consolidated Daily Lesson Plans

  • Provided for ease of printing.

  • 5 to 10 lessons combined into one file.

Progress Monitoring

  • Individually administered assessments.

  • NWF and assessments paired with MARF lesson plans.

Coming 2023 Fluency

  • Expected in fall of 2022

Materials & Support

  • Additional materials needed for lesson delivery.

  • SRS, ABC picture strip, CUPS card, Procedures

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