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  • All documents are laid out to support front and back printing.

Scope & Sequence– NEW

  • Pacing model on far right hand side

  • Level 1 – above grade level

  • Level 2 – on grade level

  • Level 3 – below grade level

  • In Kindergarten, we recommend beginning with Level 3 pacing. This pacing model is more supportive for all students.

  • If skill based-grouping, select proper pacing level, then following selected pacing, deliver the lessons in numerical order. If there is no number in the column, skip to the next numbered lesson.

  • Includes

  • Lesson number

  • New

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Memory Words

  • Fluency resource

  • Other Concepts

Weekly Overview – NEW

  • Can be used in lieu of the Daily Lessons once you become familiar enough with all the procedures and components.

  • 5-daily lessons per page.

  • Checkpoints are included.

Daily Lesson Plans – NEW

  • Daily lesson plans.

  • Five daily lessons per file.

  • Checkpoint instructions are included in the appropriate lesson plan packet. For example, checkpoint 1, which comes after lesson K.010, can be found in the file including lessons K.006 -K.010.

Consolidated Daily Lesson Plans – NEW

  • Provided for ease of printing.

  • All daily lessons for the school year have been combined into two files.


  • All templates and scripts needed for the encoding portion of the lessons.


  • Decodable passages that align with the lessons.

  • Contain skills that have been previously introduced.

  • Unfair words are identified for pre-teaching in the passage. Underline these words in the passage when you briefly introduce them to students.

Materials &Support

  • Additional materials needed for lesson delivery.

  • SRS, ABC picture strip, CUPS card, Kindergarten OG Assessment, Picture Deck PowerPoint (used outside the OG time), red and blue hands.

Retired OG Lesson Plans

  • Previous lessons.

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